Baris AMAC Consultant for Property Ownership

Applying for Your Office Utilities

Istanbul is a clear winner in the real estate market, thanks not only to its new supplies but also to the absorption of its inventories. Regarding its percentage of absorption in new inventories, the city is ranked #2 in the world, surpassing all other emerging market cities. The majority of real estate investors in the office sector continue to favor core markets, but as prime opportunities decrease and prices become more competitive in the leading markets in particular, they are prepared to move up the risk curve and look at what options are available to them in emerging market cities. Also for the risk-takers, speculative development and refurbishment is expected to rise in the recent years. Istanbul, in this scope, is anticipated to acquire lion’s share with less expensive costs and high growth rates. The construction and real estate sector has huge opportunities to capitalize on this vision by providing houses and offices that meet the demands of Istanbul’s new economy

Planning your office starts with thinking about how your company size is estimated to be, how you’ll need to adapt as you grow, and the look and feel you’d like from your office space. 

For the utilities of your office, please visit IGDAS for natural gas, BEDAS if your office is located in European side or AYEDAS if your office is located in Asian side for electricity, ISKI for running water and Turk Telekom for Internet/TV and fixed phone.